Design Origin

The Tao of Speed

Appearing more like sculpture than machine, the Virtual Roadster is the first luxury racing simulator. It is the most comfortable and precise cockpit available because each one is custom made to order. The unique patented design is a striking example of minimalism. Like the naked beauty of a suspension bridge, every element is pure function. The cockpit is designed to adjust.
The unique cantilever design suspends the wheel platform over the legs without the typical vertical supports that block easy side entry and create a claustrophobic, boxed-in sensation. The cockpit feels open. In testing, the wheel platform supports over 200lbs., yet the chassis weighs a mere 40lbs. The NASA-grade tube connectors allow open architecture so that every component is smoothly upgradable. Every platform is easily adjustable to the millimeter and to the single degree of tilt angle. Because of the all aluminum structure, hand-polished to a brilliant mirror-like finish, and the all stainless steel hardware, the Virtual Roadster is totally corrosion proof and practically indestructible. It will maintain it’s good looks and structural integrity forever so included is a lifetime guarantee.
Exclusive to the Virtual Roadster is the integrated ventilation system. A gentle breeze across one’s face and hands is a surprisingly effective trick that adds another sensory dimension to the experience. Better still, the military-grade force-transducer delivers up to 980 foot/pounds of vibrational power into the seat and chassis so that the whole car and driver hum along at the frequency of the engine. The seat becomes a massage chair. You can feel the speed in your bones.

The Virtual Roadster is custom made to your exact measurements and specifications so you have a perfect fit, like a tailored suit. You decide what type of seat, wheel and other options you prefer. Whether a jockey, basketball player or sumo wrestler, I deliver precision comfort.

To be certain that the Virtual Roadster is the best choice, compare to the other styles of cockpits. I have included links to all of the other home racing simulator designs available. Judge for yourself.

Best of all, it might be tax-deductible and it is assuredly wife-friendly. In the real world, how often can one unleash the sports car or motorcycle and enjoy a fast ride? The virtual world is ever-expanding with hundreds of vehicles and tracks that beckon exploration. Why not experience the thrill of risk-free racing in luxury and style?